Cochlear™ Baha® Start for adults

Baha Start lets adults experience the benefits of bone conduction hearing before deciding on an implantable system.

Experiencing hearing through bone conduction

With Baha Start, adults can experience what it's like to hear through bone conduction before deciding on surgery.

First, they'll meet with an audiologist and do a hearing test. If they're eligible for a bone conduction solution, Baha Start will help them experience the benefits of an implant.

Baha Start consists of one or two sound processors attached to a Baha Softband or SoundArc™.

With Baha Start, adults can try hearing with the sound processor before getting an implant, either with their audiologist or for a trial period at home.

Secure. Practical.

The Baha Softband and SoundArc are both lightweight and easy to wear with a secure and comfortable fit. They come in different sizes so it'll fit individual's head and match their style.

Wearing Options


SoundArc BlackSoundArc BrownSoundArc GreenSoundArc GreySoundArc PinkSoundArc Turquoise

Sleek. Lightweight. Adaptable.

The Baha SoundArc is a lightweight and adaptable hearing device suitable for adults and children.


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