Baha® Smart App: Using the app

Adjusting volume

Use the volume slider to adjust the sound processor volume, or tap the speaker icon to mute. If you have a bilateral configuration, tap the horizontal sliders icon to expand and gain access to the individual volume sliders.

To adjust the volume of audio that is streamed from wireless accessories, use the red volume slider, or tap the corresponding icon to mute. If you have a bilateral configuration, tap the horizontal sliders icon to expand and gain access to the individual volume sliders.

Changing program and activating streaming from wireless devices

Tap the program icon to change program or activate streaming from wireless devices.

Tap the program icon to access all available sound processor programs and paired wireless devices, then tap the program/device you wish to switch to. If you have created your own Favourites, they will be presented in a scrollable list along the bottom.

Choose an icon for your new Favourite, then tap 'Next'. Then choose whether to link your Favourite to a specific location or not, then tap Done.

Creating Favourites

  • Tap the equaliser icon in the tab menu on the Home screen to adjust bass, mid and treble.
  • Move the sliders up or down to optimise the sound to the environment you are in. Tap the icon to return to default (flat) settings.
  • The app has some presets that could be useful in different sound environment. You can always fine-tune them manually by using the sliders. Tap the ’Next’ button to save these settings as a Favourite in the app for easy access later.

Status, Alerts and Notifications

Tap the information icon to see current sound processor status. The status screen shows current program, volume level etc. This can be very useful if you are a parent/carer of a Baha 6 Max recipient.

Settings screen

From the app Settings screen, available by tapping the settings menu icon on the Home screen, a range of options and features are available to you.

Tap 'Locate device' in the settings menu to locate a lost sound processor that is near you by using signal strength (the closer you get, the higher the bar(s) will be).

Tap the pin icon on at the bottom of the Locate Device page to locate a sound processor that is farther away. The map will show the last known location your phone had a connection with your sound processor.

Tap 'Hearing Tracker' in the settings menu to track your sound processor usage, and to see the model and serial number of your sound processor.

Apple Watch

Swipe left or right across screen to select program, activate streaming from wireless device or pick a Favourite. Use Digital Crown dial to adjust volume up or down (or mute by setting volume to 0).

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