Breeze by Dry and Store

Item number: FUZ1000


Compatible with all Nucleus® and Baha® Sound Processors

Product information


The Breeze by Dry & Store is a drying unit that gently circulates warm, dry air around your Nucleus or Baha Sound Processor.

Use the Breeze with a disposable Dry-Brik dessicant, the dessicant lowers the humidity and captures the moisture released during the drying cycle.

The larger size of Breeze is ideal for bilateral recipients; you can place two sound processors in the unit.

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Product size

Weight: 1lb., 3oz. (.5kg)
Dimensions: 7.2" wide x 4.9" deep x 3.3" high (18.3 cm x 12.4 cm x 8.4 cm)

*AC Power Adaptor is included and Dry Brik II is sold separately.

What's included

Breeze by Dry and Store