Using the phone

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People love talking on the phone! With the tips below and the right accessories, should you need them, you can optimise your phone experience.

Our latest generation sound processor is the Nucleus 7 and it is the world's first and only Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor.1

Thanks to Made for iPhone compatibility, you can connect to the people you love as you stream phone calls, video, music and entertainment directly to your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor.

Love your Android™?

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy streaming phone calls and music to your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor with the Cochlear™ Wireless Phone Clip.

Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip

Bluetooth-enabled wireless gives you control over your smartphone device. The Phone Clip gives you a hands-free connection to friends and family using your smartphone. With Bluetooth technology, place and receive calls and adjust volume at the touch of a button.

Quick Phone Tips

  • Carefully position your phone’s speaker over the microphone portion of your sound processor. It may take a few moments to find the best position.
  • Hearing well on the phone may be difficult. Remember, patience, persistence, practice and a positive attitude will go far!
  • Practice speaking and hearing on the phone with the most familiar voices - such as friends and family.
  • Set aside time for phone practice in a quiet environment when you are not tired.
  • Experiment with using the telecoil. Personal Audio Cables and Bluetooth neckloops can also provide direct input to your sound processor.

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