Keeping your device in place

Enjoy the activities you love without worrying about your sound processor.

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What you'll find on this page

  • How to secure Nucleus® sound processors.
  • Ways to secure Baha® sound processors.

Extra security when you need it

We design sound processors to be comfortable and secure no matter what you're doing.

But sometimes, you want reassurance that you won't lose them, especially during activities like running or yoga. Or maybe you're a parent who wants peace of mind that your child won't lose his or her sound processor.

Cochlear™ accessories can help keep your processor in place.

Nucleus 7® Sound Processor options


  1. Snugfit: for a firmer fit on the ear, especially for active adults. Available in three sizes.
  2. Koala Clip: clip-on retention for babies and younger children who cannot keep the processor on their ear with Snugfit or Hugfit.
  3. Safety Cord: a convenient way to prevent losing a sound processor if it comes off your ear.
  4. Earhooks: comfortably secures the sound processor to your ear. Available in three different sizes.
  5. Hugfit™: for a firmer fit on the ear, especially for infants and children. Available in three different sizes.
  6. Headworn adaptor: holds your sound processor and coil so you can temporarily wear them on your head if you want to give your ear a rest at the end of the day.
  7. Tamperproof Earhook: small earhook for young children for extra peace of mind for parents and carers.
  8. Earmould Adaptor: allows you to attach a custom earmould to your sound processor.


Nucleus Kanso® 2 Sound Processor options

  1. The Cochlear Safety Line Hair Clip connects to a Safety Line. It is a more discreet retention option.
  2. Cochlear Safety Lines reduce the risk of losing your sound processor. They connect to the socket of your Kanso® 2 Sound Processor. Available in short, long and short loop.
  3. The Cochlear Headband has been designed to help keep the Kanso 2 Sound Processor more securely on your head. It can be worn with one or two Kanso 2 Sound Processors.



Baha Sound Processor options

Baha 5 accessories


Baha 5 SuperPower Sound Processor and the Baha 5 Power Sound Processor retention options include:

  1. Alligator Clip with long safety line: attaches to clothing to reduce the risk of losing your sound processor.*

Baha 5 SuperPower Sound Processor options include:

  1. Earhook+: secures the sound processor behind your ear in an under-the-ear configuration and comes in one adjustable size.
  2. Snugfit: helps tighten the sound processor on the ear and comes in three sizes.
  3. LiteWear: improves comfort and reduces weight on the ear by wearing the sound processor on the body instead of behind the ear. Particularly beneficial for small children.
  4. Mic Lock: secures the sound processor comfortably on your ear with a light, clear band.



* Retention lines longer than the Safety Line (standard length) are not recommended for use by children as they may present a risk of strangulation.

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