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Cochlear Link is a secure cloud-based service which connects your clinic and Cochlear's Hear Always program, so we can significantly reduce the time spent "off air" when you need a replacement processor.*

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Lightning fast service

As a Cochlear™ Nucleus® implant recipient, your clinic and Cochlear want to make sure you experience sound uninterrupted. For several years, Cochlear and your clinic have partnered together with the Hear Always program, an exclusive program to expedite the replacement of your sound processor if you ever experience a time when you are without sound. The Hear Always program allows Cochlear to quickly add your unique MAP to a replacement Sound Processor before returning it to you.

Cochlear has another program for your audiologist to share your MAPs with us. It's called Cochlear™ Link.

"My mother is 93 years old in assisted living. Earlier this week she lost her processor. So I called Cochlear on Wednesday at around 1:00pm and explained the situation. By the next morning, 7:45am, her new CI was here! Less than 24 hours! She was so happy to be able to hear again! It literally changes her life."

- Rebecca, daughter of Nucleus® recipient

How the Hear Always program works

Call the Cochlear Customer Support Center if you are having issues with your processor. We will help you troubleshoot the issue you are having. When we determine your processor needs to be replaced, our Hear Always program will exchange your broken processor with a replacement. We will overnight the replacement processor directly to you along with instruction on mailing the broken processor back to Cochlear. It's that quick and that simple!

How Cochlear Link works

Cochlear Link is a secure, cloud-based service which connects your clinic and Cochlear's Hear Always program. This allows your audiologist to share your unique MAPs with us if/when you need a replacement processor.*

What does this mean to you? Since your device MAPs are unique, Cochlear Link allows our Hear Always team to quickly and securely access the latest MAP on file with your clinic, and turnaround a repaired or replacement sound processor as quickly as the next business day.**

When you call Cochlear, we help troubleshoot your problem and determine if a replacement processor is needed. If your clinic has Cochlear Link, we will be able to access your unique hearing MAPs directly from the clinic's secure database. Cochlear Link allows us to load your MAPs directly onto a replacement sound processor and ship it directly to you!


*Due to technical constraints, some clinics may not be able to offer Cochlear Link.


**Cochlear Americas. [data on file] 2016 October. Valid MAP required and some warranty restrictions may apply for next business day service.


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