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Learning and language skills information, articles and guides to assist teen to adult recipients with different situations.

Adult Cochlear Implant Home-Based Auditory Training Program

The Adult Cochlear Implant Home-Based Auditory Manuals have been designed to provide hands-on material that are flexible and adaptable enough to cover a range of auditory abilities.

Clinician's Guide

Post lingual hearing loss - deafness occurred before spoken language was developed:


Pre lingual hearing loss - deafness occurred before spoken language was developed:


HOPE notes

Music should be fun, beautiful, funny, sad, soothing, and exciting – maybe all of those things at the same time. HOPE notes is a music program designed to support cochlear implant and hearing aid users improve music perception and appreciation using original songs, traditional Folk, Blues & Country styles and some familiar tunes played in unexpected ways. Through practice we want you to be able to enjoy music with your cochlear implant.

HOPE notes includes a CD, DVD, and a detailed user guide including lyrics designed to assist and enrich your use of the program. The DVD incorporates both visual and audio cues, while the CD (designed for use on the go) focuses solely on the audio component of the program.

A testimonial from a cochlear implant recipient who enjoyed the HOPE notes program:

"The first time I just watched and heard through the DVD. I smiled, hummed with and felt really for the first time ever to be invited into an advanced musical world which was perfectly adapted to me as hard of hearing. Every detail was visualised!"
- Movale Sin Blogg

Adult aural rehabilitation guide - Placement questionnaire

Sometimes there is limited time or a limited number of sessions for an adult's auditory rehabilitation. To create a treatment plan that is efficient and effective, it is useful to determine the recipient's present level of auditory functioning and go from there. This placement questionnaire allows the clinician to establish goals and select activities that are appropriate for the individual needs of each recipient.

Adult aural rehabilitation guide - Placement questionnaire:


Cochlear implant rehabilitation: It's Not Just for Kids!

This guide provides a brief introduction to the topic of aural rehabilitation for adults who have had a cochlear implantation. It discusses the benefits of rehabilitation, the programs available and how to select one to suit your learning style.

Cochlear implant rehabilitation - it's not just for kids guide:



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