Cochlear™ Nucleus® System

The Cochlear Nucleus System is inspired by a lifetime of possibilities.

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The Cochlear™ Nucleus® implant system features a range of options we designed to meet an individual's hearing needs and to provide them with high-quality hearing performance.

There are two main components of the Cochlear™ Nucleus® system: an internal implant and an external sound processor.

While audiologists will help match suitable implants for hearing needs, there are a variety of sound processors to suit an adult or child's lifestyle and hearing preferences.

Adults and children can explore their options and learn more about the convenience of Cochlear’s exclusive wireless technology.

With the most reliable implants in the industry,1-3 adult's and children's hearing is in good hands.


This material is intended for health professionals. If you are a consumer, please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always read the instructions for use. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative for product information.

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