Cochlear Connections

If you’re interested in connecting with someone who has experienced a personal hearing journey similar to yours, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet others who have benefited from Cochlear’s technology. Our Cochlear volunteers inspire hope, provide support, and offer the chance to ask personal questions via email and phone. Take a moment to complete a short form and make a connection with someone who knows the difference a Cochlear™ hearing solution can make.

Help Me Connect With The Right Person


Shane C.

I am an engineer and have worked on microchips for over 20 years. I enjoy motorcycling and music.


Chrissy F.

Alex loves playing chess, technology science engineering, and being part of a robotics team.
Baha Attract


Iraida F.

I love playing brain games, walking my dog, and bicycling.


Richard P.

I am a bilateral recipient and enjoy talk radio, classical music and jazz. I no longer feel isolated in group conversations.


Angel V.

MaKayla LOVES basketball, enjoys spending time with her family, and listening to music.


Corinne K.

I enjoy listening to music, playing the piano, spending time with my family, traveling, and hiking.


Liz C.

I love Saturday date night, scrapbooking, and running.

-Baha Recipient


John B.

I enjoy music, hiking, home improvement, geocaching, and wine making.


Scott P.

JP loves baseball, basketball, fishing, and is fascinated with TED talks.


Beth C.

My husband has bilateral CIs and my mother a Baha. I enjoy mountain biking and family activities.


Blanca M.

Julian loves basketball and playing the piano.


Tila D.

Briya enjoys music, singing, and books that require her to make silly faces or sounds.


Gay M.

I enjoy ladies tennis doubles, crafts, and visiting my grandsons in Boston.


Mike E.

I love going camping with my family in the summer and playing in the back yard with my two boys!


Dan N.

I enjoy playing with my grandson and listening to old radio detective broadcasts from the 40s and 50s.
Baha recipient.


Sophia M.

Helio enjoys riding bikes, board games, and playing sports.


Howard L.

I am a retired physician, enjoying retirement and playing the cello in an amateur orchestra.


Sherree L.

My husband is a bilateral CI recipient. I’m a retired Speech Pathologist and enjoy traveling.


Marielys M.

Destiny has a Baha Attract and loves ballet, tap, jazz, and baseball.
Baha Attract