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Connect with someone who has experienced a personal hearing journey similar to yours.

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Aaron B.

I am a business professional and outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy time with my family, sporting events and wildlife.
*Baha® 5 SuperPower, Connect


Angel V.

My daughter, MaKayla, LOVES basketball, enjoys spending time with her family, and listening to music.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Bill K.

I am a Veteran, with over 30 years of active duty in the United States Navy. I retired in 2002.
*Baha® 5 Power, Connect


Blanca M.

My son, Julian, loves basketball and playing the piano.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Corinne K.

I enjoy listening to music, playing the piano, spending time with my family, traveling, and hiking.
*Nucleus® 6, Hybrid™*


Dwight J.

I am a retired AF officer, former teacher, current author, speaker and playwright. I love to hike, travel, read and mentor cadets.
*Baha® 5, Connect


Gay & Wally M.

We enjoy visiting our grandsons in Boston.
*Kanso®, Bimodal


Heather R.

I am a full-time Registered Nurse and writer. I like to keep active with hiking and biking.
*Kanso®, Bilateral


Howard L.

I am a retired physician, enjoying retirement and playing the cello in an amateur orchestra.
*Kanso®, Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Iraida F.

I love playing brain games, walking my dog, and bicycling.
*Kanso®, Bilateral


Jennifer and Chris H.

Our son, Patrick, loves Legos, including Ninjago and Star Wars, exploring the castles of Scotland, and reading.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Jessie F.

I’m a college student, a reader, a writer, a photographer, an adventurer, and a world traveler.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


John B.

I enjoy music, hiking, home improvement, geocaching, and wine making.
*Nucleus® 6 Hybrid™, Bilateral


Marielys M.

Destiny has a Baha Attract and loves ballet, tap, jazz, and baseball.
*Baha® 5, Attract


Mike E.

I love going camping with my family in the summer and playing in the back yard with my two boys!
*Nucleus® 5, Bilateral


Richard P.

I enjoy talking on the phone, talk radio, jazz and classical music.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Robert Y.

I work as a construction manager.
I enjoy an active lifestyle, and I love to travel.
*Baha® 5, Connect


Sherree L.

My husband is a bilateral CI recipient, and I’m a retired Speech Pathologist. I enjoy traveling.
*Kanso®, Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Sophia M.

My son, Helio, enjoys riding bikes, board games, and playing sports.
*Baha® 5, Connect


Stephen K.

I enjoy wood working and supporting other veterans dealing with hearing loss.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral