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Anna T.

I enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends and family, hiking, being outside and reading.
*Cochlear Implant


Annette Z.

I enjoy gardening, growing flowers, weight training classes, yoga, and attending theatre.
*Kanso® Bimodal


Beth C.

My husband has bilateral CIs and my mother a Baha. I enjoy mountain biking and family activities.
*Cochlear Implant & Baha


Bob H.

I am a retired CPA/CFO. I enjoy tennis, running, reading and spending time with my grandchildren.
*Kanso® Bimodal


Chrissy F.

Alex loves playing chess, technology science engineering, and being part of a robotics team.
*Baha Attract


Dan N.

I enjoy playing with my grandsons, woodworking and listening to old radio detective broadcasts from the 40s and 50s.
*Baha Connect


David K.

I have been able to achieve my goal of dramatically improved hearing with the bimodal solution.
*Nucleus® 6 Bimodal


Denise B.

With two Nucleus® 6 processors and the wireless accessories I can hear in most settings.
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral


Doug B.

I tried out several devices and chose Baha because it gave me the clearest sound.
*Baha® 5 Connect Unilateral


Emily G.

Joshua’s hobbies are sports, dancing and he has a huge heart for helping people.
*Baha® 5 Attract Bilateral


Iraida W.

Olivia enjoys basketball and performing at school diversity performances within other cultures.
*Cochlear Implant


Karen L.

I am a mother of two kids with cochlear implants.
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral


Lori O.

I enjoy my flower beds and the voices of my grandchildren are like music to my ears!
*Nucleus® 7 & Nucleus®6 Bilateral


Margo K.

I love gardening, flowers and vegetables, walking in my orchards, yoga and Tai Chi.
*Cochlear Implant


Marty G.

I love listening to my baby grandson’s giggles and talking with family and friends.
*Cochlear Implant - Bimodal


Mathias B.

So many new sounds. I’m so much more connected to the world around me.
*Nucleus® 7 Bimodal


Michael S.

My hobbies are reading and volunteering for holiday events at our local fairgrounds
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral


Michelle F.

As a teacher, I have gained confidence while teaching.
*Nucleus® 6 & Hybrid™ Hearing Bilateral


Shane C.

I am an engineer and have worked on microchips for over 20 years. I enjoy motorcycling and music.
*Cochlear Implant


Sue M.

For me every day is a hearing adventure.
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral