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Introducing the all-new Cochlear™ Hybrid Hearing Solution*

The Cochlear Nucleus® Hybrid™ Implant System

*Hybrid Hearing is approved in the US only for use with the Nucleus Hybrid L24 Implant and adults ages 18 and older.

Don’t miss out on
all the sounds of life.

Life is filled with highs and lows. Don't miss out on the highs.

You may still be able to hear some sounds, but it has gotten harder to hear conversations in both quiet and noisy situations. You can still hear barks and honks, but you can’t hear whistles and chirps. You may have high-frequency hearing loss.

This type of hearing loss causes you to miss the high-frequency sounds that allow you to distinguish words and detect emotion. Without them, words merge together – making what you do hear jumbled and difficult to understand.

Low-Frequency Sounds

  • Provide the general rhythm and framework of the sounds you hear
  • Allow you to detect the vowel sounds in words, such as “ah” which convey the melody of speech
  • Used to appreciate music
  • Examples of low-frequency sounds: lawn mower, bass guitars, frog croaks

High-Frequency Sounds

  • Add clarity to the sounds you hear
  • Allow you to perceive the consonant sounds, such as “sh” which enables you to differentiate words
  • Makes music and nature sound richer, fuller and crisper
  • Examples of high-frequency sounds: doorbells, whistles, bird chirps

The Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid Implant System is the only FDA approved solution that uses Hybrid Hearing to help people with high-frequency hearing loss regain a more complete hearing experience.

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Hear the highs, lows and everything in between.

Cochlear Hybrid Hearing is a unique combination of two proven technologies brought together in a single device.

It uses acoustic amplification to improve the low-frequency hearing you still have, while taking advantage of cochlear implant technology to restore access to the high-frequency hearing you are missing. Together, these two technologies give you a more complete hearing experience so you can hear better in noisy environments and understand speech more clearly.

Hearing aids only amplify the sounds you can hear. Hybrid Hearing gives you access to the sounds you're missing.

When compared to hearing aids alone, Cochlear Hybrid Hearing recipients reported:

In addition to better satisfaction and hearing performance, the Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid Implant System may be covered by your insurance plan. Contact your insurance company or your local Hearing Implant Specialist to determine your eligibility for coverage.*

*The Nucleus Hybrid System may be classified as new technology by health plans and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis until universal adoption. Cochlear is being proactive in working with insurance companies to expand consideration of coverage for the Nucleus Hybrid Implant System. Coverage for Medicare patients will depend on the level of hearing loss. Contact your insurance company or Hearing Implant Specialist to determine your eligibility for coverage.

The Nucleus Hybrid System makes everything crisp and clear. I asked my husband what sounds I was hearing. He said that’s a bird and that’s silverware clanging against the plate. If I had to choose two words to describe this experience, they would be Miraculous and Life-Changing.
— Ellen, Nucleus Hybrid System Recipient

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