Cochlear Family

United By Sound, connected by cochlear.

Exclusive membership for cochlear recipients.

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Cochlear Family
Cochlear Family
Cochlear Family

About Cochlear Family

You are a part of a family. You are all united by sound. A family connected by a common experience that is anything but common. You are one of over 450,000 extraordinary people who have received a Cochlear device.

There are real advantages of being part of the Cochlear Family. It's the quickest way to learn about new products, as well as customized upgrades to your specific sound processor. The Cochlear Family is designed to make your life easier, fuller, more joyful, and more connected.

About Cochlear FamilyAbout Cochlear Family

Benefits overview

  • Exclusive

    Exclusive Promotions
    Cochlear Family
    Be the first to hear about new products and special promotions. You'll also receive exclusive offers and unlimited access to the Cochlear Store, which is filled with products to help you hear your best.
  • myCochlear

    Cochlear Family
    Find the latest information on your Cochlear products, including warranty details and troubleshooting help, and learn from other family members about what to expect from your hearing journey.
  • Cochlear
    Online Store

    Cochlear Online Store
    Cochlear Family
    The Cochlear Online Store lets you shop the widest selection of Cochlear accessories and gear, with everything you need for your active lifestyle.
  • Cochlear

    Cochlear Celebration
    Cochlear Family
    Cochlear Celebration is a magical weekend filled with fun activities designed to bring the Cochlear Community together to share experiences, lives, and successes.
  • Communication

    Communication Corner
    Cochlear Family
    The Communication Corner gives you materials and activities to help you improve communication, and supports the needs of children, parents, and adults with hearing loss.
  • Hear Always

    Hear Always
    Cochlear Family
    Hear Always is an exclusive program to expedite service to members who experience issues with their sound processor that significantly reduces time spent "off air."
  • Personalized
    Customer Service

    Cochlear Family
    Have a question about your sound processor? Need information about an accessory or the status of your warranty? Get answers fast: Call our US-based call center at 1-800-483-3123
  • Cochlear™ Care
    Service Plans

    Cochlear™ Care Service Plans
    Cochlear Family
    We are here to help Cochlear Family members protect their investment. Take comfort in knowing that replacement parts and repairs are covered after your original warranty ends.
  • Subscriptions

    Cochlear Family
    Cochlear Family members enjoy knowing that their equipment will be up and running whenever needed. Have fresh batteries delivered on time and free of shipping fees.
  • The Wire

    The Wire Newsletter
    Cochlear Family
    Our monthly e-newsletter, The Wire, is loaded with news and great stories. As a member, you will also be the first to know about new products, local social events, and services before everyone else.

Inspiring member stories

Lifetime commitment

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Graeme Clark set out to help those that couldn't hear. Since that day, Dr. Clark's passion has brought hearing to over 450,000 people worldwide. Those are people who may now enjoy conversations with family and friends, talk on the phone, love the sounds of nature and hear the sounds of life.

Cochlear is dedicated to bringing the gift of sound to people all over the world. But even more than that, we are committed to supporting you for your lifetime. This means a commitment that we will continue to enhance and improve our products, and your hearing. This means providing you access to our latest technologies. And providing you with easy to use services and support to always ensure you are hearing your best.

We are committed to helping you have the best lifelong hearing experience. Watch as recipients and employees share the meaning of lifetime commitment from Cochlear.

Lifetime CommitmentLifetime commitment

"Cochlear is all about improving the quality of life. I can easily see they're going to be there for me for the rest of my life."

- Tim C. Cochlear Implant Recipient Since 2008

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