Six reasons why Nucleus 6 is simply smarter

Our most advanced cochlear implant system is designed to help you simply enjoy smarter hearing.

Six reason why nucleus 6 is simply smarter


Six reasons - SmartSound iQ wheel

1. Superior hearing performance

Nucleus 6 comes with SmartSound iQ which has the widest range of advanced sound processing technologies designed to deliver a superior hearing experience.

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2. Adapts to your environment

Nucleus 6 is the only system with a scene classifier, which analyses the sound environment and automatically applies the right sound processing technology for the best hearing in every situation.

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Six reasons - SmartSound iQ scan
True wireless freedom


3. True wireless freedom

Nucleus 6 will be the only truly wireless solution that will stream audio directly to your sound processor from your TV, phone, or MP3 player, without the need for any intermediary neck-worn devices.

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4. Use natural hearing

Nucleus 6 is the only system with the fully integrated capability to operate both as a hearing aid and a cochlear implant simultaneously, allowing you to make the most of your natural hearing.

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Six reasons - Nucleus 6 system with acoustic component
Six reasons - Smallest sound processor

5. Smallest sound processor

As our technology advances, we have worked to make our sound processors even smaller. With Nucleus 6, you now have the choice of the smallest sound processor on the market – the Nucleus CP920.

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6. Water resistant

No other behind-the-ear worn processor is more water resistant than Nucleus 6. It also has a new water-repellent nano-coating, making it more reliable around water than even before.

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Six reasons - most water resistant



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