We’ve got you covered.

Cochlear Loaner Program

Sometimes we all need a little extra protection from the unexpected. Now you can relax knowing your hearing is covered with the Cochlear Loaner Program.

Maybe you are traveling out of the country, taking a cruise or journeying somewhere warm for winter. Or your child is going to camp or taking their first trip abroad. Now you don’t have to worry about being without sound while you are away. With the new Cochlear Loaner Program, you will receive a programmed backup sound processor for up to 30 days for $199. Then return the loaner sound processor back to Cochlear. It’s that simple. So now you can focus on enjoying the moments that matter most while knowing you or your child are protected if the unexpected happens.

How to order your Cochlear Loaner Sound Processor

1. Place Your Order

To order your programmed loaner sound processor, have your credit card information ready and contact the Cochlear Recipient Support Team.



2. Receive Loaner Sound Processor

  • In order to receive your loaner sound processor, plan to have someone available to receive and sign for it at the address provided. Please allow at least two weeks for your loaner sound processor to arrive.

3. Return Loaner Sound Processor

  • At the end of the 30-day time period, return the loaner sound processor using the box and return label provided.

Contact the Cochlear Recipient Support Team to learn more.

Currently available for Nucleus® 6, Nucleus 7 and Kanso® Sound Processor recipients. Loaner sound processor will be same model as current sound processor. Nucleus 6 Loaner Sound Processor kit includes Maize sound processor with disposable battery and return kit. Nucleus 7 Loaner Sound Processor kit includes Sand sound processor with disposable battery and return kit. Kanso Sound Processor kit includes Sandy Blonde sound processor with disposable kit and return kit. Coils, cables and any additional parts such as rechargeable batteries can be purchased separately.

Maximum loan period is 30 days (“Loan Period”). Failure to return the Loaner sound processor within seven days following your Loan Period will result in Cochlear billing you for the cost of the Loaner sound processor. Loss Coverage is not available for Loaner sound processors; therefore, if you lose the Loaner, you will be held financially responsible. Additional terms and conditions may apply.