Loop Booster Accessory

Loop Booster

Loop Booster Accessory

The Cochlear™ Nucleus® Loop Booster is an external telecoil accessory intended for use with induction loops. The Loop Booster is designed to give Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 (CP910) and Nucleus® 5 Sound Processor recipients the best possible induction loop reception by orienting the telecoil for induction loops and placing it away from the processor to minimize interference.

The Loop Booster is not intended for phone use, but rather when in a looped room. The natural orientation of the telecoil in the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 and Nucleus® 5 Sound Processors provide sufficient reception while using the phone. Since the telecoil orientation is designed for optimal phone use, the Loop Booster has a special design and orientation that helps to better receive the signal from a room loop.

While you may not need a Loop Booster each time you use a room loop, the Loop Booster is designed for times when you may not receive the strongest signal.

Special Note: The Loop Booster will only work with the Cochlear Nucleus 6 CP910 Sound Processor with the accessory port, or with the Nucleus 5 Sound Processor.

How to use the Loop Booster:

The accessory socket on the CP910 Nucleus 6 (with the accessory port) and Nucleus 5 Sound Processors unit lets you connect a wide range of plug-in audio accessories. To connect the Loop Booster:

1. Carefully lift open the accessory cover with the battery cover locking tool. Do not twist the cover.

2. Hold the side grips on the accessory connector and carefully push it into the accessory socket until it clicks into place.

3. When you connect a plug-in audio accessory like the Loop Booster, your sound processor automatically detects it.


Do not use excessive force, twist or pull on the Loop Booster when connecting it to the sound processor or at any time while it is connected.