Nucleus Support App


Available for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices


The Nucleus Support App is designed to help you with the daily use and care of your Nucleus® 5 or Nucleus® Freedom™ Sound Processor. It includes helpful tips and information to make living with your Nucleus® Cochlear Implant as easy and simple as possible.

Some of the features inside this application include:
  • "How-to" instructions for using your sound processor
  • Play buttons to watch instructional videos
  • Hot links and images to connect you to Cochlear resources
  • Daily tips to help you maximize your potential in everyday situations
  • Advice on how best to use the telephone and listen to music
  • Tips for when you travel, play sports, or engage in physical activities
  • Troubleshooting resources
  • Information on how to upgrade to newer technology
  • "Order Here" buttons to provide convenient access to the online Cochlear Store