Travel FAQs

What will happen to my sound processor when I walk through airport security metal detectors?

It’s okay to walk through the metal detectors and whole body scanners with your sound processor on. If your sound processor is set on the telecoil (“T”) setting, you may hear some buzzing as you walk through. This is harmless electromagnetic interference. 

What should I do with my extra, backup sound processor when I fly?

Always pack a spare sound processor inside a carry-on bag. IMPORTANT: Make sure it is turned off, and never place your sound processor directly on the airport security conveyer belt as static electricity can build up which may cause the MAP to become corrupted.

If the metal detector alarm goes off, what should I do?

If for some reason something causes the alarm to go off, don’t worry if security needs to use a handheld wand to screen you as this won’t harm your sound processor. Show security your Patient ID card, and explain you have an implanted medical device for hearing. 

Should I tell anyone aboard the plane about my cochlear implant or my hearing loss?

If you are traveling alone or have difficulty understanding the on-board announcements, it’s usually a good idea to tell an airline attendant. The attendant should then make sure you understand all safety instructions. Many attendants know basic sign language.

Will my implant transmit signals that can interfere with the plane’s navigational instruments?

Your implant cannot interfere with the plane’s navigation or communication systems. Although your implant transmits radio frequency (RF) signals, they are very short range and would be limited to a distance of less than five feet from the external coil. 

Like other electronic devices, should I turn off my sound processor during take-off and landing?

Your sound processor can remain on, but it’s always good to know the airline’s policy about medical devices. 

How can I use the audio jack so I can listen to music or watch a movie during a flight?

Most airlines provide flat, foam headphones to use with their system. You can place these headphones directly over your sound processor’s microphone. The best option might be a Mains Isolation Cable if you are a Nucleus 5 user or a TV/HiFi Cable if you use a Nucleus Freedom or any other older Nucleus Sound Processor.