Maintain Your Sound Processor with Breeze by Dry & Store

Keep Your Sound Processor in Good Shape

The Breeze by Dry & Store® is a drying unit that gently circulates warm, dry air around your Nucleus® Sound Processor or Baha® Sound Processor. You use the Breeze with a Dry-Brik® dessicant. The dessicant lowers the humidity and captures the moisture released during the drying cycle. Many users report better sound quality and fewer repairs when using a drying system like the Breeze by Dry & Store.®

How to Use It: Read these instructions prior to using the Breeze by Dry & Store or activating the Dry-Brik.

  1. Activate the desiccant: A disposable Dry-Brik, which must be replaced every two months, is included. The Dry-Brik performs two important functions: (1) to permanently remove the moisture molecules that are released from the devices during the drying cycle, and (2) to drive the relative humidity inside the box to a much lower level than is possible with just a heater, thus maximizing the drying capability. To activate the Dry-Brik, remove the foil cover. Do not remove the foil until you are ready to use the Dry Brik, because once it is removed the Dry Brik will begin absorbing moisture.
  2. Record the activation date: To remind you when it is time for replacement, a card is attached to each Dry-Brik. Write the date that the Dry-Brik was placed in service on this card. To ensure maximum performance, change the Dry-Brik every 2 months.
  3. Place the activated Dri-Brik in your unit.
  4. Connect the AC adapter: the small circular plug fits into the rear of the unit. Do not force; it should slide in easily.
  5. Plug the AC adapter into an active electrical outlet.
  6. Clean your Nucleus or Baha Sound Processor with a dry-non abrasive cloth before placing it in the drying chamber. Open the lid and place your Cochlear Sound Processor with all the components connected in the large compartment on the right. You may leave the batteries in, but you might want to consider opening the battery cover to allow for air circulation.
  7. Close the lid gently.
  8. Press the start button, which is on the front of the unit.
  9. A green glow, visible behind the start button, will be present for the entire drying cycle, which is approximately 8 hours. Best results come from a complete 8-hour cycle, but periods as short as 30 minutes may be beneficial. All operations cease when the lid is opened, which resets the timer.

Dry-Brik II

Important: It is important that the Dry-Brik be replaced two months from the date of activation in order to ensure the highest level of care for your hearing instruments. Deposit the depleted Dry-Brik in household refuse.

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