Telecoil Unit

The Baha 3 telecoil unit is used with a loop facility either within public buildings or from a personal loop system. The telecoil unit will pick up the sound in theaters, cinemas, lecture halls, and from telephones, as long as they are looped. 

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How to Use Telecoil for Baha® Divino® and Intenso™ Sound Processors: 

You can use the telecoil unit to enjoy telecoil with your Baha Divino or Intenso Sound Processor.

  1. Match the Baha telecoil unit connector pins with your sound processor’s Direct Audio Input (DAI) port.
  2. Connect the Baha telecoil unit to your sound processor’s DAI port.

How to Use Telecoil for Baha Cordelle™ II:

Your Baha Cordelle has a built-in telecoil.

  1. Switch the button located on the top of the sound processor to the letter "T."
  2. If you want to block out all external sounds when using telecoil, switch to "Program E" on your sound processor. If no accessory is connected, there will be no sound from the device even if it is on.
  3. If you want to hear the sounds around you and the input from the telecoil, switch to the "MT" button.