Sound Processor Programs

Baha® Divino® Programs

Your Baha Divino Sound Processor comes with two default programs:

Program 1: uses the omnidirectional microphone so that the sound processor picks up sound regardless of the direction it comes from.

Program 2: the directional microphone is activated, emphasizing sound from the side and behind. This program is recommended for noisy surroundings as it improves speech understanding in noise.

For music, you can use an audio adapter in only Program 1. In Program 1, for safety reasons you will still be able to hear sounds from your surrounding environment. In Program 2, the electrical input is not activated so connected accessories will be muted.

Baha Intenso™ Programs
Your Baha Intenso Sound Processor comes with three default programs:

Program 1: is the "normal setting," suitable for most everyday sound environments.

Program 2: for comfort and convenience, this program has a higher bass cut setting that some people will find useful for reducing background noise in loud environments.

Program E: is used when connecting electrical accessories such as the audio adapter or telecoil. If no accessory is connected, there will be no sound from the device even if it is on.

For music, you can use Program E to enjoy hearing only your electronic device with your sound processor. The audio adapter will work in program 1 or 2, too. This allows you to hear from both the accessory attached to the audio device and your processor microphone.

Baha Cordelle™ II Programs

Your Baha Cordelle II comes three programs:

Program "M" is for listening with the microphone only.

In Program "M/T" both the microphone and telecoil are active.

In Program "T" only the telecoil is active.

For music, you can use any of the programs.

See the table below to understand what the switch positions do:

 Direct Audio Input Connected
M Microphone only Microphone only
M/T Microphone and telecoil Microphone and Direct Audio Input
T Telecoil only Direct Audio Input only