Wireless Devices

We developed these accessories with your convenience as our inspiration. A true wireless device, The Cochlear™ Baha® 4 and Baha 5 Systems allow you to stream sound directly to your sound processor without wires, cords or plugs. With these accessories, you can connect more easily to devices we rely on in daily life, such as smartphones or televisions. A teacher’s voice at the front of a noisy classroom can be heard as if you were right next to them. Learn more by reading about them below.


Wireless TV Streamer

TV Streamer
Wireless TV Streamer Components


Wireless Phone Clip

Phone Calls Made Easy

Wireless Phone Clip - Phone Calls Made Easy


Control App

Baha Control App - Smarter Hearing Wireless Freedom

Control your Baha 5 System with your smartphone

While paired with a wireless accessory, you can customize the two volume levels of both your processor and accessory together. In other words, if someone is talking to you while you are watching television with the TV Streamer, you can increase the volume of the conversation and decrease the volume from the TV Streamer.

Download the User Guide or FAQ’s for an in-depth look and download the app today!

Baha Control App - iPhone     Baha Control App - Android

Available for devices with iOS 7 and above, and Android devices with version 2.3.5 and above. Requires the use of a Phone Clip.


Baha Wireless Remote Control 2

Wireless Baha Remote Control 2

The Cochlear Baha Remote Control 2 provides an easy overview of the Baha 5 System and Wireless Accessory settings. It can be used to change programs, adjust the volume and control streaming from the Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer and Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone. With battery alerts and a high contrast LCD display, this is a great accessory for parents.


Wireless Baha Remote Control

Discreet Control in the Palm of Your Hand


Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

Clearer Speech and Sound

The Mini Microphone 2/2+ is a small, lightweight, portable audio streamer.

It allows you to hear even better over distance as well as in noisy and challenging situations such as work meetings, classrooms, crowded restaurants or in the car.It clips vertically onto speaker’s clothing and will transmit speech wirelessly to several Baha sound processors over a distance of up to 25 meters.

In addition, the Mini Microphone 2+ offers full connectivity to audio sources (line-in), to loop systems (in-built Telecoil) and to FM systems (FM-compatibility through 3-pin europlug).


Pairing Accessories with Your Processor

Baha® 5 Sound Processor Pairing with iPhone

Baha® 5 Sound Processors Pairing with Android