Community Support

You have an amazing story, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

You’re not alone. There are others like you who have experienced the nervousness of activation day as well as the thrill of hearing sounds again or for the first time. Cochlear implant recipients like you are part of a larger community, and we have several convenient ways you can connect with and support each other:

Cochlear Community

Connect, inspire and learn from others just like yourself. Cochlear Community Chapter Events and the Cochlear® family of volunteers can be a resource for anyone seeking information on advanced hearing loss solutions. Meet other people who have experience with hearing loss and Nucleus® Cochlear Implant or Baha treatment and processor upgrade options.

  • Get tips, advice and support
  • Learn about the latest technology
  • Join the conversation
  • Build lifelong friendships

Get Social

Go online and join other Cochlear fans in relevant conversations, sign up for special offers, watch other recipient videos and more.

Join Us For Celebration

Every two years, Cochlear brings its community together for one amazing weekend, where everyone can learn from the experts, attend educational sessions, share stories and make lifelong friends.

Join us to celebrate with other Cochlear recipients during an exclusive Celebration getaway weekend in February 2017!