Introducing Cochlear™ Hybrid™ Hearing.* It's Time To Get Back What You've Been Missing.


If you're missing sounds like children's voices and bird's chirping, you could be suffering from high-frequency hearing loss. Hearing aids can only make the sounds you hear louder, but they can't help you hear sounds you're missing. Cochlear™ Hybrid™ Hearing is the only solution that can give you back access to the sounds you're missing and amplify the sounds you hear in one device.

In an FDA-approved clinical study, Hybrid System recipients reported:

  • 10 times increase in their overall hearing satisfaction1
  • 2 times better hearing in noise1
  • 10 times increase in music satisfaction1

We invite you to view an informational recorded webinar on how Hybrid Hearing works and who it helps. Please complete the short form to view the captioned presentation.

About the Presentation:

Learn about Hybrid Hearing directly from George Cire, a Clinical Technical Manager at Cochlear. Also hear from Ellen DeVoss, a Hybrid System recipient who explains how Hybrid Hearing changed her life. Together, they will help you:

  • Discover what Hybrid Hearing is and how it works
  • Learn if you or a loved one may be a candidate for Cochlear Hybrid Hearing
  • Explore the benefits of this groundbreaking technology
  • Identify the next steps to get back the sounds you're missing

[1] FDA Panel Sponsor Executive Summary, Nucleus Hybrid L24 Implant System. November 8, 2013. MedicalDevicesAdvisoryCommittee/EarNoseandThroatDevicesPanel/UCM373793.pdf 
*Hybrid Hearing is available only with the Nucleus Hybrid L24 Implant and adults 18 and older.

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