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The Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor can introduce you to a new world of sound with our true wireless technology. You can connect to your favorite audio devices without having to plug into anything and without the constraints of any neck-worn loops. This is the freedom you will experience with Cochlear true wireless technology.

Imagine being able to watch TV or listen to your favorite music while having the sound streamed directly into your sound processor. Imagine being able to hear your partner and enjoy conversation in a busy restaurant. With our full range of wireless accessories, including the Mini Microphone, Phone Clip and TV Streamer, you no longer have to imagine. We invite you to view a recorded webinar about our true wireless technology.

About the Webinar

Hear from Mike Leman, Group Product Manager at Cochlear and Nina Poersch, a Cochlear Wireless user. During the webinar, you will:

  • Understand what true wireless technology means
  • Learn about the True Wireless Accessories: Mini Microphone, Phone Clip and TV Streamer
  • Explore the ways in which they may help improve your quality of life
  • Hear Nina Poersch (2015 Survivor Contestant) talk about her experiences with the wireless accessories

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