Introducing the Cochlear Baha® 5 System

Life has so much more to offer with the Cochlear™ Baha® System. It has the potential to give you the freedom and confidence to listen to music, enjoy a movie, eat out in a noisy restaurant and socialize with your friends. Now, with the new Baha 5 Sound Processor, you can experience clearer, crisper sound. And, most people won’t even know you have it on.

Want to learn more? We invite you to view an informational webinar on our all new, small and smart Baha System technologies designed to help you hear better than before.

About the Webinar

Hear directly from Ryan Lopez, Product Manager at Cochlear. During the webinar, he will help you:

  • Discover what the Baha Attract System is and how it works
  • Learn if you may be a candidate for the technology
  • Explore first-of-its-kind features of the Baha Attract System, including true wireless technology
  • Identify what to expect at your initial appointment, during the procedure and onwards

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