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We want them to feel supported today and always.

Your child's partner for life.

Your child can access future technology for a lifetime of better hearing.

As part of our mission to help your child Hear now. And always, we design our implant systems to allow access to technology upgrades as they become available without the need for additional surgeries. As the industry leader in research and development, we strive to bring advanced technology to last your child's entire life.

Growing Up Cochlear

Living proof of our commitment to your child's hearing experiences.

“With my Cochlear Implant, I was able to happily attend mainstream schools and successfully achieve my own personal and career goals.”

The Cochlear Family - united by sound.

Cochlear Family

Our goal is to make sure you feel confident about your child’s future with a Cochlear Hearing Implant. As a member of the Cochlear Family, you will have access to the latest product information, promotions, discounts and personalized resources that help your child get the most out of the device.

Being a member provides you and your child access to information 24/7, which gives you added peace of mind that you can have answers and support whenever and wherever you are.

If you have questions, we have experts that are ready to assist you!
Learn more about the steps for getting an implant for your child, as well
as our products and company, from our highly skilled Concierge team.

Phone: (866) 922 9211

Resources for you and your family:

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