There Are Too Many Sounds in Life You Shouldn't Miss. A Hearing Implant May be a Solution for You or Your Loved One.

Whoever wrote “Children should be seen and not heard” never suffered from hearing loss. They never felt the loneliness or ached for what they were missing.

For Laurie Pullins, it was the sound of her children’s voices. They grew up and had children of their own. And Laurie had heard none of it. That’s why she made the decision to get a Cochlear™ Implant.

What will your reasons be?

For Me

Hearing loss can be sneaky. It can steal your hearing so gradually, you may be tempted to ignore it and make do. But at the same time it’s been stealing something else. Your connection with life. We’re here to change that. Just like we’ve done for over 450,000 other people who can now hear sound again or for the very first time.

For My Child

They can be some of the most devastating words a parent will ever hear. “Your child has a hearing loss.” All you want to know is, what can be done? Turns out, more than most people have ever imagined.

For My Loved One

There’s no need to tell you the toll hearing loss can have on a relationship. You live with it every day. The frustration and growing isolation. Here’s where you’ll learn how treating a loved one’s hearing loss can put your relationship back on track.