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Nina realized her hearing aids were just raising the volume, that she was hearing louder mumbling. She decided it was time to take back her life. She talked to others who could hear because of their Cochlear implants and decided she wanted to hear too. Now, she’s back to 100% Nina before she lost her hearing.

That’s what happens when you talk to people enjoying life with a Cochlear™ hearing implant. Once you experience their passion for hearing and learn how much fuller their lives are, it makes it a lot easier for you to do the same.

Cochlear Connections

Learn about hearing solutions from others who use Cochlear hearing implants. Here you will meet Cochlear volunteers who have been through a similar journey and get answers to your questions.

Watch Recipient Videos

These stories can inspire you. They are people who have faced the decision you face. They know what you’re going through. They want to share their journey with you and let you know you are not alone.

Event Calendar

Going to one of our events is an experience that many people say has changed their lives. It’s an opportunity to learn about all the new technological breakthroughs and to meet others living with Cochlear hearing implants.

Cochlear Concierge

If you are considering a Cochlear hearing solution, we have experts ready to assist you! Learn about the process, our products, technology and company from our highly skilled team.


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