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Even with hearing aids, you or someone you love may not be hearing everything. The warm laugh of a loved one. The lively conversation at a dinner party. The sounds that elevate everyday experiences are all around us.

Improving the clarity of your hearing can mean reconnecting to your entire world. Enrich your life with a hearing implant and seize the opportunity to get even more out of the world you love today.

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Hear with more clarity and confidence.

Hearing aids amplify the sounds you hear including background noise. Hearing implants are proven solutions designed to make sounds louder and clearer, helping you get back the sounds you have been missing.


of Cochlear implant patients reported satisfaction with their Cochlear implant[4]

  • Designed to make sounds louder and clearer and restore access to missing sounds
  • Improves hearing in noise and speech understanding[1-2]
  • Typically covered by insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Proven treatment for over 30 years with hundreds of thousands of users[3]
  • Implantable solutions include cochlear implants, Hybrid Hearing, and bone conduction implants
  • Involves a short outpatient surgical procedure

Hear from those who have benefited from a hearing implant.

Hundreds of thousands of people have reconnected to the life they love with a hearing implant. There are hearing implant solutions for many types of hearing loss including conductive, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss. See stories of those who have enriched their lives with a Cochlear hearing implant solution.

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