OMS Pre-Surgical Insurance Support

OMS Pre-Surgical Insurance Support

Otologic Management Services (OMS) is a no-charge service that is available to help patients and providers to obtain necessary insurance coverage and assistance in appealing denied coverage for Cochlear Americas' cochlear implant device and the Baha® system.

OMS Contact Information

Call: 1-800-633-4667 option 4

Fax: 303-524-6765

What OMS can provide:

  • Predetermination/Preauthorization assistance (related to surgery and clinical aftercare)
  • Assistance with appeals process, if coverage is denied for surgery and/or clinical aftercare
  • Reimbursement guidance and tools to professionals and facilities
  • Advises providers on billing codes available for cochlear implants and Baha procedures
  • Helps with predetermination, authorizations, and appeals involving clinical studies
  • Administers vaccination program

What will OMS need from patients or providers to get started with the predetermination or appeals process?

  1. Letter of Agreement (only required for new centers upon initial sign up)
  2. Patient information form
  3. Patient release of information form
  4. Patient authorization to provide services form

Additionally, OMS will require a copy of the patient’s insurance card and current, applicable medical records, including audiograms. In cases of appeal, OMS will need a copy of the insurance company’s denial letter, the patient’s insurance benefit book, specifically the exclusion and appeals sections. Upon receipt of the required information, OMS will initiate the predetermination/appeals process with the health plan.


Notice of Privacy Practices

Authorization for Release of Health Information - Spanish

Authorization to Provide Services - Spanish

OMS Center Agreement

OMS Patient Information and Release Forms