Telephone Ringer and Flasher

Telephone Ringer and Flasher

Item number: MUF190


Compatible with all Nucleus®, Kanso®, Baha® and Osia® Sound Processors

Product information


The Telephone Ringer and Flasher from Sonic Alert, has been designed to alert you to the ring of your telephone with an extra loud adjustable ringer and extremely bright LED camera flash strobe light.

Product Features:
- Extra Loud Ringer (95 dB)
- Battery Backup 4 x AA Batteries (not included with purchase)
- Low Battery Indicator
- Adjustable Volume Control
- Extra Bright Camera Flash LED
- Multiple Tone and Ring Patterns
- Wall Mountable
- Table Stand Bracket
- Phone Line Socket for Input
- Phone Line Socket for Output Shaker output - Optional bed shaker model (SS12V)
- 4 Alarm Options: Off, Flash+Alarm, Flash+Shaker, Alarm+Shaker

What's included

Telephone Ringer and Flasher