Aqua Accessory - 15 Pack

Item number: Z348390


Compatible with Nucleus 6 sound processor

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Affordable and easy-to-use, the Aqua Accessory is a single-use waterproofing option that functions similar to a swim or shower cap, protecting your processor, coil, and cable within a sealed plastic enclosure.

The clear, flexible material makes it easy to monitor the processor, access the control buttons, and reposition the coil.

This accessory is to be used only with rechargeable batteries; because it is air-tight, zinc-air batteries will not be able to function.

The Aqua Accessory has achieved IP68 protection against dust and water to a depth of 3 meters for 2 hours.

In humid locations, it is likely that condensation will appear within the bag. This is expected and normal; it will not cause undue damage to your sound processor.

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Aqua Accessory - 15 Pack