Reimbursement support for facilities and professionals

For reimbursement support for facilities and professionals, please contact your Regional Reimbursement Manager.


Cochlear America's Regional Reimbursement Managers are ready to assist hospitals, surgery centers, and healthcare professionals with issues such as coding, payment, payer coverage, contracting, and other reimbursement related challenges.

Regional Reimbursement Managers can help in the following ways:

  • Provide reimbursement support & assistance to:
    • Start-up programs
    • Established professional and facility customers
  • Collect data and provide information regarding coverage, coding, and payment
  • Pursue new coding nomenclature for current and new technology
  • Communicate new reimbursement issues and developments both internally and externally
  • Host reimbursement workshops
  • Assist hospitals, clinics, and physician practices with reimbursement concerns and program viability issues, such as:
    • Practice management
    • Contracting
    • Coding
    • Coverage and payment concerns
  • Advocate for positive coverage and suitable reimbursement with commercial/state/federal payers
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop and execute strategies to reduce barriers to access and improve payment landscape
  • Provide field level support in navigation of the coverage and payment landscape for replacement processors,  parts, and accessories
  • Provide reimbursement support related to clinical studies


How to contact your Regional Reimbursement Manager:



Joan Sunderland, MBA
Sr. Manager Regional Reimbursement
(503) 819-1942

Anne Anthony, MSSW
Sr. Manager Regional Reimbursement
(214) 282-7214

Kalisha Barrett, MBA
Sr. Manager Regional Reimbursement
(704) 560-5841

Todd Holland
Manager Regional Reimbursement
(914) 843-8747