Cochlear™ Wireless Phone Clip


Cochlear Wireless Phone clip

The Cochlear™ Wireless Phone Clip makes talking with a mobile phone easy and reliable. The Phone Clip is a small, lightweight, wireless clip-on device that sends sound from a Bluetooth® enabled phone directly to the patient’s sound processor, and the microphone on the Phone Clip sends sound back to the mobile phone. A robust swivel clip makes it possible to always securely attach the Phone Clip to clothes for optimal speech pickup.

Patients can perform basic phone operations like answering and ending calls or adjusting volume with a click of a button.

It also offers easy-to-use, state-of-the-art headset functionality, like last number redial and voice dialing.

When not on the phone, the Phone Clip doubles as a basic remote control for Baha® patients by controlling volume and program changes on the sound processor. It also features a mute button if your Baha patient wants to block out unwanted environmental background noise while on the phone.

Also, patients will be able to stream music from their mobile phone or other Bluetooth device in stereo quality.

The Phone Clip smoothly integrates with the rest of the Cochlear Wireless family. If for example, your patient gets a phone call while watching TV via the Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer, the phone program will take priority until the call is ended. If the patient also uses a dedicated Cochlear Baha® Remote Control, phone operation will be indicated in the display of the Remote Control.


Download the Phone Clip Datasheet

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