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Hearing Outcomes
Perimodiolar Electrodes Only Cochlear has the perimodiolar advantage with electrodes placed closest to the hearing nerve for your best hearing outcome.1-11
# of Electrode Channels Cochlear electrode arrays have 22 active channels to optimize frequency coverage along the hearing nerve.2,8,12
Atraumatic Electrodes Cochlear provides the thinnest electrodes. The CI532 Slim Modiolar has demonstrated consistent placement in scala tympani and preservation of delicate cochlear structures.8,13,14
Bimodal Offerings Stream sound simultaneously to both ears using the latest, most advanced hearing aid technology from Resound and cochlear implant technology from Cochlear.11
Dual Microphones Dual microphones enable better hearing in noise with ALL Cochlear sound processors; including the off-the-ear Kanso® Sound Processor.11,15
Lifestyle Connectivity
Made for Smartphones Today, you can stream phone calls, music and more directly to your Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor from a compatible Apple® or Android™ device.
Smart App Monitor, manage and control the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor using the Nucleus Smart App from a compatible smartphone.11
Wireless Accessories Since 2015, Nucleus Sound Processors connect wirelessly and hands-free to your favorite devices without the need for neck-worn loops.
Scene Analysis Cochlear’s SmartSound® IQ* with SCAN technology, the industry’s first scene analyzer, detects and classifies the listening environment into one of six scenes and automatically optimizes hearing.11
Monitoring/Data Logging Cochlear’s Hearing Tracker and data logging provide personalized usage information so you can monitor and tailor your hearing experience from your compatible smartphone. Especially important for children, Hearing Tracker monitors consistency of daily use proven to impact speech outcomes.11,16
Wearing Options Cochlear offers a choice of wearing options, including behind-the-ear and off-the-ear sound processors, to fit your personality and lifestyle without compromising performance.11
Reliability Track Record Cochlear is #1 in Implant reliability and has the best long-term reliability record in the industry.17-19
Upgradability Cochlear's implants allow access to new processor technology as they become available without the need for additional surgery, no matter when you were implanted.
MRI Access Today's Cochlear Nucleus Implants and those that were implanted more than 20 years ago provide recipients with conditional access to MRI. Nucleus Profile implants are compatible with 1.5T MRI with magnet in place and 3.0T with magnet removed.11,20
Technology Innovation Cochlear invests $115 million annually in the development of future innovations with a continued commitment to every recipient for a lifetime of hearing experience.21
Raising Awareness Cochlear is driving initiatives to address the importance of hearing health and treating hearing loss; including significant investment in the Standard of Care consensus.21
Educating the Channel Sycle practice management software, used by over 20,000 clinicians and the Cochlear Provider Network of over 250 audiology practices, is supported by Cochlear with education on hearing implant candidacy criteria and enables more access to care.
Lifetime Access
Coverage Support Cochlear provides full service reimbursement assistance, including submitting predetermination and appeals to health plans, that enables access for candidates and recipients. When a letter of medical necessity is required, Cochlear's cloud-enabled e-signature service makes the process fast and easy.
Lifetime Access Cochlear’s Health Economics Team is actively advocating for policies, including the sole sponsorship of the Standard of Care consensus, that will improve accessibility to hearing implants and new process technology for a lifetime.
Fast Personal Support
Cloud-Based Support Cochlear Link with secure cloud technology automatically registers equipment to ensure the fastest services and support. Cochlear Link has been proven in a large clinic to handle >90% of processor replacements without clinic involvement, ship >80% of replacements within 24 hours and save the clinic 260 hours of time in one year.22
Web-Based Support myCochlear provides on-demand and personalized information about your device where and when you need it.
Remote Programming Cochlear has secured the first and only FDA approval allowing clinicians to program CI sound processors remotely when an in-person appointment is not practical.23
Rehab Services Cochlear’s Communication Corner is an extensive rehabilitation website with resources in English and Spanish to help you improve your communication and listening skills.
Customer Support Cochlear Family connects recipients to one another, to personalized resources and technology including specials, promotions, education and support with 24/7 access.
Community Support Cochlear is the most chosen, most trusted hearing implant partner around the world,18,21 with the largest Cochlear implant recipient network in North America including local chapters and active online communities to provide education, connections and support.

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Data supporting comparative ratings available on file at Cochlear Americas. FUN3473 ISS1 OCT18 Comparison of Cochlear Implant Manufacturers.

* SNR-NR, WNR and SCAN are approved for use with any recipient ages six years and older, who is able to 1) complete objective speech perception testing in quiet and in noise in order to determine and document performance 2) report a preference for different program settings.

The Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For compatibility information visit www.Cochlear.com/Compatibility.

The Cochlear Nucleus Smart App is available on App Store and Google Play. For compatibility information visit www.Cochlear.com/Compatibility.

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