Kanso™ service plan (Canada)

Find out about our service plans that will cover one sound processor for one year, giving you peace of mind knowing that unexpected repairs will be covered once your previous warranty or service plan ends.

nucleus kanso in grey



Device name:  Nucleus® Kanso™

Device release date: 2016

Original warranty: 5 years, from activation date

Upgrade warranty: 3 years, from shipment date

Service plan available: Yes

Available for repair? Yes

What are my options?

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Purchasing options and pricing

By purchasing a service plan, you'll continue to have peace of mind knowing that replacement parts and unexpected repairs are covered once your previous warranty or service plan ends. Each service plan will cover one sound processing device for 1 year, and becomes active the day after your previous warranty or service plan expires; ensuring you are never without coverage.

Depending on when you purchase a service plan, your options and pricing may vary. Please select the option below that best describes your current coverage situation: