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Please be aware that Cochlear may connect you with a different mentor if the mentor you are currently trying to connect with is unavailable and that any correspondence between you and a mentor may be shared with Cochlear’s Volunteer Engagement Team.

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Heather R.

Kanso® System, Bilateral | Sensorineural hearing loss

I'm a retired Registered Nurse and full-time writer. Because of my Cochlear™ Implants, I'm able to host writing workshops and help others find their creative spark.

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Michelle F.

Nucleus® 6 & Hybrid™ Hearing, Bilateral | Ménière's

As a teacher, I have gained confidence while teaching.

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Pam J.

Nucleus® 6 & Hybrid™ Hearing¹ System, Bimodal | Mild hearing loss

Getting the Cochlear™ Implant has increased my confidence when interacting with people. I enjoy traveling the world!

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