John's story

With the Hybrid™ system, the quality and clarity of John's hearing has improved

John rowland with his grandchild

I got to the stage with my hearing aids where my audiologist said there was no more she could do for me. I had no high frequency hearing and had problems participating in conversations with others. I found it difficult to hear other sounds also, like ambulance sirens although I could hear the general traffic noise.

I also found it difficult to have conversations while driving in the car and the car radio music just sounded like noise. I am a teacher and I had students who claimed that I was ignoring them which was not the case - I just could not hear them effectively using my hearing aids.

After being screened for the Hybrid system, I decided to go ahead with it. Even though I dislike doctors and surgery, I had no issues with my surgery and was back to work two days later. Today, there is no scar visible so without my sound processor no one knows that I have an implant.

With the Hybrid system, the quality and clarity of my hearing has improved. These aspects of sound were all that I wanted, at the end of the day.

The sounds of voices that I hear with Hybrid are beautiful. I can hear many things that I couldn't hear before such as birds in trees. I can even hear the sound of the traffic lights beep, not only on my side of the road, but on the other side also. I can join in a conversation, instead of standing back due to only hearing noise, which was the case when I was using hearing aids.

People used to think I was ignorant so I tended to avoid having conversations. There is no need to isolate myself anymore.

With my hearing aids I could hear about 40% of the sounds around me. I estimate that I can hear about 85% now with my Hybrid system. I am 100% better off, that's how much of a difference it has made to me!