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Information about developing reading skills. Downloadable ‘tips’ for parents and teachers. Alphabetical list of available articles.

Listening books and games. Cost £5 each.

Lyrics to the Top 100 songs

Interesting things for ESL students. Lots of good activities in the Speaking, Reading and Listening sections.

Go to the bottom right of Home page – Learning English. This links to lots of listening and speaking activities. Also link to ‘Skillwise’.  Archived news film clips – with comprehension questions.

American English pronunciation practice offers listening exercises for minimal pair practice and quizzes - great tools for distinguishing between similar sounding words - using songs, poems and tongue twisters. Each section includes detailed instructions. Listen and practice each phrase slowly, and then practice them quickly.

Book stories read by a variety of 'actors' with American accents. Subtitles accompany each page that can be switched off. There are related activities provided for each story.

Tip for best use: Book tracking - listen to the story through headphones and have a friend or partner 'pause' and you repeat what you have heard, do this with the subtitles off.

A series of short audio stories with scripts on a wide variety of topics require you to answer questions. .You are given a score and told where you answered correctly and incorrectly. Includes pre-listening exercises; listening exercises and vocabulary activities. This site is divided into 'easy' 'medium' and 'difficult' content.


Short conversation starters (audio and written) that you can study and then try to apply in everyday situations.


Written lyrics to your favourite song.

If you are not sure of the lyrics to songs or tunes you like, download them and you can learn them at your leisure without the initial distraction of the music.