Teens and Adults

Learning and language skills information, articles and guides to assist teen to adult recipients with different situations.

A group of teenagers talking and sitting on some steps

Adult communication strategies

Here you will find lots of great ideas and suggestions that will support you in participating in conversations as they relate to the speaker, the environment, and the listener. You will understand common factors that influence understanding related to each category. Reflect on this list to determine which factors in each category are within the control of the conversation participants.


Experienced cochlear implant user

This document supports our recipients who received a cochlear Implant after developing spoken language and outlines specific targets in refining finer discrimination such as listening in noise or in a large group. This document also gives you ideas on how you might improve your advocacy skills.


Cochlear implant rehabilitation: It's Not Just for Kids!

This guide provides a brief introduction to the topic of aural rehabilitation for adults who have had a cochlear implantation. It discusses the benefits of rehabilitation, the programs available and how to select one to suit your learning style.


Music and implants: piecing the puzzle together

Discover how to make music more accessible - and your musical experience more enjoyable - with information and tips from a musician who is now a cochlear implant recipient.


HOPE seminar series

HOPE seminars are online seminars designed for educational professionals, therapists and clinicians who work with babies, children, teens and adults with hearing loss. Some are also appropriate for parents and recipients.

The seminars can be accessed live and recorded (there are more than 120 archived seminars). They feature:

  • in person workshops
  • guides for educational professionals
  • downloadable notes on a wide variety of rehabilitation and education-related topics
  • a copy of the instructors' PowerPoint presentation.
  • HOPE seminar series


Continuing education units (CEU's)

CEU's from ASHA and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) are offered for all live online seminars while CEU's from AAA are also available for recorded courses.

See the list of all the HOPE seminars available