Cochlear™ Travel Programme

Whether you are travelling for work or relaxing on vacation, damage or loss of your sound processor need not ruin your trip.

Hear, there and everywhere

Making your travel plans easier.

It would be stressful to be without your sound processor at any time, but much more so if you are working abroad or away on holiday. The Cochlear™ Travel Programme means you don’t need to worry about finding a local clinic or spending the rest of your trip in silence. With three plans to suit the needs of different travellers, we’ve got you covered. You just need to decide which plan suits you best and let us know where and when you are going.

Annual Cover Plan

Great value plan for those who travel frequently.

There is no need to make special arrangements each time you go away. With our Annual Cover Plan, it doesn’t matter how often you travel or how many different destinations you visit. If you lose or damage your sound processor, we will ship a temporary replacement to you as quickly as possible.* That’s one thing less to worry about when you are planning a trip.

Single Trip Plan

Perfect for occasional holidays and travel – with a family option.

Don’t risk your holiday being spoiled or your business trip being cut short. In the event of you losing or damaging your sound processor, we will ship a temporary replacement to you to ensure you are hearing again as quickly as possible.*

Full Backup Plan

Designed to ensure you won’t miss a moment of your trip.

In the event of a trip to a remote country or perhaps you are travelling to an exotic location where our courier can’t deliver, you may prefer to carry the backup sound processor with you. With our Full Backup Plan, we send a backup sound processor directly to you before you leave home. You can then enjoy your trip, knowing that you have a replacement sound processor immediately available if you need it. 

How the service works

The Travel Programme gives you peace of mind when you are away from home.

Simply sign-up using the Cochlear Travel Programme application form. We will require your request a minimum of two weeks before you travel so we can obtain an electronic copy of your map from your clinic. If you have chosen the Single Trip or Annual Cover Plan, a mapped sound processor will be couriered to an address of your choice on request (certain geographical restrictions apply below). 

Note: You are required to take your own spare cables and coils. After your trip, if your own sound processor needs repair, return it to your clinic as per your usual process. Then return the temporary replacement sound processor by courier or registered post to Cochlear within ten days of your return.

For more information please contact the Cochlear Travel Programme team on +44 1932 263 640 or e-mail

* Single Trip and Annual Cover Plans: in most cases, a temporary replacement sound processor would be with you within approximately two working days. However, exact delivery times vary by location and details are available on request.

Cochlear™ Travel Programme

Hear, there and everywhere. Making your travel plans easier

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