Nucleus® Implant portfolio

A lifetime of reliable hearing.

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Cochlear’s range of Nucleus Implants is the result of more than 30 years of ground breaking, collaborative clinical and technical research work.

Our scientists and engineers understand that we all have very different anatomy. That’s why they’ve designed the widest range of implants and electrodes to deliver the best possible sound resolution, coverage and comfort for your unique ear.

Implants designed for your ear

You and your surgeon can now choose from two Nucleus Implant Series, each offering sophisticated electronics, innovative designs and quality materials.

The most popular implant in the world

The Nucleus CI24RE Series has helped to improve hearing in more than 167,000* ears around the world, and its reliability rating of 99.00 per cent within 12 years is the best in the Industry.

* Registered implants only


Cochlear Nucleus implant portfolio

The thinnest implant in the world

Our latest generation of implants - the Nucleus Profile Series - is the thinnest implant in the world, designed to better conform to the natural shape of the head, making it more discreet to wear.

A state-of-the art manufacturing facility has been established specially for the Nucleus Profile Series and all of our future generations of implants.


Cochlear Nucleus Profile implant


Cochlear Nucleus Profile implant


Electrodes to suit your hearing needs

The precurved design of the Contour Advance Electrode allows the surgeon to better position the electrode array in very close proximity to your hearing nerve for more focused and accurate stimulation. The world’s thinnest full length Slim Straight electrode provides excellent electrical stimulation outcomes, with proven preservation of residual hearing.

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MRI at your convenience

MRI scans are a standard medical diagnostic technique and Nucleus implants are designed to fit with your lifelong medical requirements. If you ever need a medium strength MRI up to 1.5 Tesla, you can rest assured that your Nucleus implant allows you to safely undergo the scan with your magnet in place*. And if you need a high-powered MRI up to 3 Tesla*, the removable magnet makes that possible in a simple outpatient procedure too.

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Cochlear Nucleus implant portfolio

Whichever implant or electrode you are fitted with, rest assured you will benefit from Cochlear’s unsurpassed experience in design of cochlear implants. We design with the future in mind, so your hearing can improve when our technology does, without the need for further surgery.

* MRI field strength approval is conditional and varies by country, check your Important Information Booklet and Warnings and Precautions documents.