How it works

The Vistafix® System uses titanium implants that bond with the bone in a process called osseointegration.

Baha and Vistafix user Evelyn


The Vistafix® 3 system is built around small titanium implants that provide a permanent, stable foundation for your prosthesis. The small titanium implants are inserted into the bone using a minor surgical procedure.

After a brief period of time, allowing healing and the integration between the bone and implants, the prosthesis can be made and fitted – ready to be worn every day. The prosthesis simply clicks onto the implant, enabling you to feel secure in the knowledge that it is in its correct position, even during physical activity and exercise.

Evelyn, with and without the Vistafix bone-anchored ear prosthesis.


Anaplastolog making a prothesis

The prosthetist makes the prosthesis to closely match your individual skin colour and texture to make it so lifelike that it is difficult to tell it apart from the rest of the face.