Nucleus Cochlear Implant Introductory Course

Learning outcomes:

This course will provide the core knowledge required to practice as a cochlear implant (CI) clinician. The format will be a mixture of presentations and practical sessions.

From this course, you will learn the following things.

  • CI recipient pathway including an overview of the CI surgery.
  • CI assessment, selection considerations and criteria.
  • The Nucleus Cochlear Implant system product portfolio.
  • Handling Nucleus sound processors and programming software.
  • The parameters to consider when programming a sound processor and the typical steps involved in a programming session.
  • Troubleshooting the sound processor.
  • The role of (re)habilitation throughout the CI process.

This course will be followed by the Electrophysiology Masterclass 1 where the foundations of NRT (Neural Response Telemetry) will be discussed and practiced. It is strongly recommended to also attend Electrophysiology Masterclass 1.

Who should attend:

Clinicians who have a basic knowledge of cochlear implants and little or no experience with programming of CI recipients.

Registration fee: 250 Euro, excl. VAT

Max. number of participants: 14

How to register:

Please contact your Cochlear representative or contact us directly via to request registration.