True Wireless™ – a better experience in surgery, care and life

Sound Connection | Issue 29 | March 2018

The Cochlear™ True Wireless™ Portfolio has recently expanded not only in terms of solutions but also in terms of applicability. With solutions for Surgery, Care, Life, Cochlear responds to precise needs in surgical, fitting and daily-life environments. All these solutions share a common trait: they are True Wireless, providing you and your patients with a better experience and delivering a new standard in hearing care.

True Wireless Surgery

The Cochlear Nucleus® CR220 Intraoperative Remote Assistant provides fast and easy intraoperative measurements for considerable time-saving with the same surgical confidence as Custom Sound1. It can be used by any operating room professional, takes only four minutes to perform measurements across all 22 electrodes (electrode impedance and AutoNRT®) and helps to preserve the sterile field, thanks to is wireless capability. A recent study has shown that, for a clinic supporting 100 implants per year, compared to a conventional measurement method, approximately 1.5 – 2 months of audiologist time could be saved2.

The CR220 Intraoperative Remote Assistant is now complemented by clinical software that further improves its functionality. The CR220 Data Viewer allows you to easily and instantly transfer intraoperative results from the surgery centre to the fitting centre, to view the results prior to the patient’s first fitting visit, print or archive the results, associate patient details and implant serial number with results, and import the data into the fitting software (Custom Sound and/or Nucleus Fitting Software (NFS)).

True Wireless Care

Cochlear recently introduced another first in the CI industry: wireless programming to CI patients. The NFS with touch-screen interface (NFS Touch) and the Cochlear Wireless Programming Pod complement each other to untether you and your patients from the desk, for a more comfortable and natural fitting experience. Let your patients – especially children – be free from disturbing cables with the opportunity to be fitted in a more relaxed environment.

The Wireless Programming Pod is the first Bluetooth® enabled programming interface for cochlear implants. It connects to the patient’s sound processors via Bluetooth 4.0, covering a range of three metres. For hardware compatibility, there are two types of Wireless Programming Pods; one is compatible with the CP800 and CP900 Series Sound Processors and the other is compatible with the CP1000 Sound Processor.

NFS Touch is the tool that enables wireless fitting and brings it to its fullest potential. Our latest Nucleus Fitting Software has a new touch interface, suitable for use on portable tablet devices. This is specifically designed to increase visual focus on your patients and offer you the capability to fit in real-life listening environments.

True Wireless Life

The True Wireless Life comprises mySmartSound™ and Cochlear True Wireless Devices (Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2/2+, Phone Clip and TV Streamer). It is directly targeted to patients, so they can improve their hearing performance in everyday listening environments.

Cochlear True Wireless Devices empower users in a variety of challenging situations such as in noise, over a distance, on the phone or when watching TV.

mySmartSound allows users to optimise their hearing in real world listening environments.  With the CR230 Remote Assistant for CP900 Series users and Nucleus Smart App for CP1000 users, when you enable Master Volume (+/- 10 CL or Unlimited) and / or Bass & Treble (+/- 6 CL), it allows patients to fine tune their MAP to fully connect to their surrounding environments. This also means fewer clinic visits.




Cochlear™ True Wireless™ Portfolio Brochure

"Clinical evidence with Cochlear™ True WirelessTM Devices" Booklet

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