Alexander wearing a helmet

Carina® middle ear implants

Find the freedom to live the life you want with Cochlear’s fully implantable middle ear implant system.

Hear More. Night and Day.

The completely implantable Carina® System gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want.

Unlike hearing aids and other hearing implants, there is no external device. All the technology is hidden under-the-skin, so it's 100% invisible. You can't lose it, drop it or get it wet.

Carina system recipient Alexandre with his daughter

Carina accessories

  • Battery charger: recharge your battery easily in about 40 minutes. A single charge gives you up to 32 hours of hearing.

  • Remote control: change your program to suit the environment you are in or quickly adjust your volume.

  • Cochlear's unique totally implantable microphone (TIM) gives you the freedom to hear the way you want — without any external device.

  • Invisible digital signal processing (iDSP) designed to optimise hearing performance using adaptive feedback cancellers.

Hearing all the time

"Carina has made communicating less tiring. I can focus on the content of the conversation so the communication is more fluid and faster, without interruptions."

- Mariana, Cochlear™ Carina® system recipient, Portugal

Button® audio processor

Boost your volume when you need it most by placing the pocket-sized processor, which acts as an external microphone, on the side of your head.

Nothing to see, plenty to hear

"Based on my two years' experience with Carina, I fully recommend it. It has completely changed my life."

- Alex, Cochlear™ Carina® system recipient, Portugal


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