Middle ear implant surgery

Learn more about middle ear implant surgery so you feel prepared and confident to make a decision for you or your child.

Middle ear implant recipient Alexandre

What you'll find on this page

  • A summary of what happens during surgery.
  • A general overview of the recovery process.

What happens during middle ear implant surgery?

The surgeon makes an incision and creates a small opening behind the ear. They then place the implant under the skin and attach it to the bone structures in the ear. This procedure happens under general anaesthesia.

How long does the operation take?

Surgery time varies from person to person, but it usually takes one to two hours.

What happens after surgery?

In most procedures, medical staff place a dressing over the implant area and wrap a bandage around the head.

Some people are able to go home the same day; others may need an overnight stay in hospital. This will depend on the person.

The bandage is usually removed after about two days. You may be able to feel a lump where the implant is located. Usually after six to 10 days, medical staff remove the dressing and the stitches.


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