Middle ear implants

Middle ear implants provide an invisible connection to the world of sound – and to the people and life you love.

Middle ear implant recipient Alexandre riding a bicycle

What you'll find on this page

  • How middle ear implants work.
  • One person's story about hearing with a middle ear implant.
  • An overview of the Cochlear™ Carina® System.

An option to hearing aids

Hearing aids don't work for everyone. Some people find them uncomfortable or simply too much hassle.

Others feel hearing aids restrict them from doing the things they love or they don't like wearing something that discloses their hearing loss.

If any of that sounds like you, a middle ear implant may be the answer.

"Professionally, I can talk to 20 or 30 people and I can hear when I am asked a question. Also in sports, I can swim. I can cycle and I can use a helmet. I can hear normally, which means I can detect any signs of danger."

- Alexandre N, Cochlear™ Carina® recipient, Portugal

Who do middle ear implants help?

These implants suit adults or children with moderate to severe sensorineural or mixed hearing loss who want a hearing solution that is invisible and always switched on.

Because everything is hidden under the skin, people can't see a middle ear implant. Nor can it ever be lost. You don't need to take it off to have a shower, go swimming or go to bed, so you are always connected to a world of sound.

How do middle ear implants work?

Middle ear implants like the Cochlear™ Carina® System attach directly to the structures of the middle ear, so you hear sound in a natural way.

Can a middle ear implant help me or my child?

A hearing health professional who specialises in all hearing technology – including implantable hearing solutions – can tell you if you or your child could benefit from a middle ear implant.

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