Profoundly deaf student is awarded Graeme Clark Scholarship Award

June 2017

Student Angus Redford from Angus, is the winner of the £6,000 2017 Cochlear™ Graeme Clark Scholarship Award for outstanding students who have overcome hearing loss. The Ceremony was held in Edinburgh on 16 June 2017.

Angus, 19, who has just finished his first year of a Masters in Mathematics (Honours) was deafened by pneumococcal meningitis when he was just 16 months old, beat contenders from across the UK & Ireland to win the award and is recognition of the struggles he has overcome to win a place at the prestigious St Andrews University.

"Being recognised for my achievements has brought home how important my Cochlear implantation has been for me. The technology is giving me the opportunity to reach my full potential."

On his second birthday Angus was implanted with a Cochlear™ Nucleus® implant system. Cochlear implants are electronic devices for adults and children who do not receive adequate benefit from conventional hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells in the inner ear and stimulate the hearing nerve directly providing a sense of sound to its user.

Angus attended mainstream school, and with the support of family, friends and hearing healthcare professionals at the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme – as well as lots of hard work and determination – achieved excellent exam results and won academic awards, including the prestigious Dux Award for Academic Excellence before continuing to advanced education.

As well as achieving academically, Angus has realised personal success by competing in bowling and curling championships for his local club. In his spare time he also enjoys rock climbing and running.

On hearing that he had won the award, Angus said "I am over the moon at being awarded the scholarship. Being recognised for my achievements has brought home how important cochlear implantation has been for me. The technology is giving me the opportunity to reach my full potential."

"Although I have achieved academic success, for me personally it’s more about being integrated into the hearing world. It’s about having wider choices and opportunities. It’s about sharing jokes with my family and friends. It’s about being included and not side lined."

Stuart Thomas, General Manager adds, "At Cochlear, our mission is - we help people hear and be heard. We empower people to connect with others and live a full live. We help transform the way people understand and treat hearing loss and we innovate and bring to market a range of implantable hearing solutions that deliver a lifetime of hearing outcomes. The scholarship is a great way to demonstrate our commitment to this mission and recognises outstanding academic success as well as Cochlear’s ideals of leadership and humanity. It is a great achievement to receive the award and we are extremely proud to honour Angus. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for him."

A support team of hearing healthcare professionals from the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme attended the ceremony. Agnes Allen, Head of Service/Consultant Clinical Physicist said, "The Cochlear Implant Team are extremely proud of Angus. We have known him since he was a toddler and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to see him grow up and achieve so much. He is a highly intelligent, good humoured young man with a great positive attitude and we would like to congratulate him on this award and wish him well in his future studies."

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How to apply for the scholarship?

Cochlear UK & Ireland offer one scholarship per year. The winner receives £6,000 paid in two instalments. If you’re completing your final year of school or college and have been accepted onto a university or tertiary education course, if you’re a mature aged student, or a younger student undertaking a university degree or other tertiary education course then you can apply! The UK & Ireland Cochlear Anders Tjellström Scholarship is open to Baha System recipients who were implanted in the UK or Ireland and plan to continue their studies in the UK or Ireland. The Scholarship winner is awarded financial assistance towards tertiary study at an accredited university, college or other institution of further education.

Submission of applications now open