Hearing stories from recipients

Cochlear recipients share their experiences about hearing loss and their hearing solutions.

  • Arnold's story

    Sudden single-sided deafness left musician Arnold feeling lonely and disconnected from his passions. Discover how a Baha® implant restored his love of life. Learn More

    Baha user Arnold
  • Bob's story

    Bob said he didn’t know how good life would be after a cochlear implant. Read about the changes he’s noticed since treating his hearing loss. Learn More

    Cochlear implant recipient Bob Millar
  • Bronwyn's story

    Bronwyn suffered from high-frequency hearing loss. Discover how the unique Hybrid™ electro-acoustic system improved her speech understanding and appreciation of music. Learn More

    Hybrid recipient Brownyn Leggate
  • Jesus' story

    Jesus suffered severe conductive hearing loss from a string of early childhood ear infections (otitis media). Learn why Jesus found the Baha® life-changing after years of less effective treatments. Learn More

    Baha user Jesus
  • John's story

    John was concerned his hearing aids were no longer effective. John believes the Hybrid system, has improved the the quality and clarity of his hearing. Learn More

    John rowland with his grandchild
  • Jude's story

    Jude was struck with sudden deafness in both ears just before his 50th birthday. Learn how a cochlear implant restored his ability to communicate with his friends, family and colleagues. Learn More

    Jude Demello - Cochlear implant recipient