Electro-acoustic implants

The Hybrid™ System uniquely combines two key technologies to overcome high frequency loss in a way not possible with hearing aids alone.

  • The Hybrid™ System

    Our innovative Hybrid™ System is designed for people with high frequency hearing loss. Discover how it works and how it could benefit you. Learn More

    Hybrid external system
  • How it works

    The Cochlear Hybrid™ System has a unique design that seamlessly integrated the advantages of cochlear implant and hearing aid technology. Learn More

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  • Getting the Hybrid™ solution

    The Hybrid™ System is designed to help you enjoy the quality and clarity of hearing by effectively adding back the high frequency sounds that you have been missing. Learn More

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  • Is it right for me?

    When you lose high frequency hearing, you may miss the beginning and end sounds and make words indistinguishable from one to the next. Learn More

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